As a Dog Park Equipment designer, developer, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of intelligently designed, handcrafted, sustainable and Made in the USA Dog Park Products, Dog Park Outfitters utilizes industry best materials to deliver the highest quality Dog Park Agility Equipment and Dog Exercise and Playground Equipment on the market.  Over the years we have designed and developed every piece of equipment and the supplies needed for dog parks, veterinary clinics, kennels, neighborhood parks, doggie daycare centers, animal sanctuaries, HOA’s, city parks, multi-family housing, large homes, zoo parks and for many other uses.


Dog Park Outfitters’ products cover a vast range of dog park equipment needs that include Dog Park Packages,  Dog Pools and Splash Pads, Park Benches, Dog Water Fountains and Dispensers, Dog Run and Dog Park Fencing, Dog Park Signage, Dog and Pet Waste Stations, Blow Dryers, Fire Hydrants, Exercise Equipment, Shade Canopy structures,  Dog Poop Trash Cans, and much more.


When you choose Dog Park Outfitters’ products, you are choosing quality materials, coatings, and craftsmanship that allow our dog products to hold up better and last much longer than other products on the market.  And you are supporting products that are designed and made right here in the USA.