Doggie Demand Cool Dog Water Fountain Spout w/ Pet Hose

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Special Contractor Pricing – Gyms For Dogs – Doggie Demand Cool Dog Water Fountain – Drink Wash Cool – Stainless Steel Series, Main Column Tower – Water Spout w/ Pet Hose

Cool Dog Water Contractor Supply



Play safe, stay cool. The hot summer heat is always tough on our pets and they rely on us to help keep them comfortable. Dogs release heat through their tongues only, so water is a must for every park. Our Cool Dog Doggie Demand Water Fountains are there when they need it most. The Drink Wash Cool fountain comes with a hose bib (hose not included). These one-of-a kind fountains do not have a basin, ensuring dogs get their own fresh water.  No need to worry about spreading germs!

Bowl not included.

Anchor plate included.

Fountain features:
Durable outdoor powder coated commercial steel with color options
Push button activator
Easy-access service panel
ADA friendly

The Premier Signature Exclusive Fountains for Luxury Setting and Long Lasting Performance
Materials — Stainless-steel. Heavy-gauge construction with tamper resistant push button and screws that resist stains and corrosion.
Coating — Heavy commercial outdoor Electrostatic e-coat powder-coated finish
Assembly & Installation — Easy to install

1 year Warranty

Plumbing Info


1. Full ADA Accessibility will require additional ADA compliant surfacing to allow access to the drinking fountain/push button and the pet fountain push button.

2. Slope surface away from fountain base at 2% slope


1. Water supply line depth shall be according to local regulating codes and size shall be according to fountain model specifications

2. Drain pipe size shall be according to fountain model specifications

3. Dry well size should be adjusted according to local regulating codes or recommendations, and/or may require modification to ensure adequate infiltration rate based on local soil and environmental conditions.



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