Teeter Totter


Dog Park Outfitters® – The Bridge Walk is made up of three non-slip planks supported by inground mounted posts. Dogs can walk or run up, across, and down the planks based on their individual level of balance and confidence. Mounts inground.

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The Teeter Totter offers the challenge of an obstacle that the dog must “control.” Once mastered, the Teeter Totter can be a real confidence booster for dogs in terms of balance. 

In-Ground Mount

  • Item Number: DL-TTN-AG (Natural Beige/Green) In-Ground Mount
  • Item Number: DL-TTP-AG (Play Red/Blue) In-Ground Mount

Surface Mount

  • Item Number: DL-TTN-SM-AG (Natural Beige/Green) Surface Mount
  • Item Number: DL-TTP-SM-AG (Play Red/Blue) Surface Mount

Approximate Dimensions: 128″L x 15″ W x 25.25″ H, 100LBS

Materials: Slip Resistant, Urine Resistant

Mount Type: In-Ground Mount, Surface Mount

Recommended Base Layer: 2″ Organic Mulch – 2′ Radius

Warranty: 5 Year Limited Coated Elements – 1 Year Manufacturer Defects