Our dog park products & dog playground products promote vigorous play, physical exercise and mental stimulation, and bring together the form and function of a natural outdoor environment.

Hill Climb™

jumphurdles dog park equipment

Jump Hurdles

Jump Balance Beam | Dog Park Outfitters

Jump Balance Beam™


Bridge Climb™


Training Platform™


Tunnel House™


Mini Hill Climb™

LX AB(3)

Agility Bone™


Ellie's Jump Balance Beam™

XL CB(1)

Luxury Climbing Boulders

GFD DestinyShoot 19

Hammie's Tunnel House™


Ellie's Boulder Bridge

Dog Park Products - Leash Post Toy Box

The Dog Post™ - Leash Post & Toy Box

Waste Receptacles

gfd destinyshoot 17 wm


Home PetWasteStation

Pet Waste Stations

Ollie BlueMat JumpDog

Jump Dog™ Wrestle & Rumble Mats

dog park signs

Dog Park Signage

dog park fencing

Dog Park Fencing

Dog drinking fountain

COOL DOG™ Water Fountains

AgilityMats BackofCar Small

Jump DOG™ Agility Mats

Fire Hydrants Misting

Misting Fire Hydrant

HOME GardenDog TrainingPlatform Rizzo

Garden Dog™ Collection

Bridge Climb Graffiti | Dog Park Outfitters

Graffiti Dog™ Collection

doggie daycare play series

Doggie Daycare Play Series

doggie hair dryer

Doggie Hair Dryer

cool dog wash tub bw2

Cool Dog™ Wash Tub

Cool Dog Splash Pool

Cool Dog™ Splash Pool

gym for dogs home run

Residential Home Run Bridge Climb

DSC 9849

cool DOG™ Turf

TrainingBoxes HomePage

Jump Dog™ - BOUNCE Jump Training Agility Box Set

Home WellnessDepot

The Wellness Depot™

Tunnel Thru | Dog Park Outfitters

Tunnel Thru

Agility Hill Climb

dog park shade


Luxury All Natural, All-Inclusive Kits

urban dog run dog park


Smaller dog park areas offering 4 play items for dogs.

Learn More about Urban Dog Run

climb and play dog park


Medium-sized park spaces offering 5 stations for dogs.

Learn More about Climb & Play

run and play dog park


Larger park areas offering a variety of fun and playful stations for dogs.

Learn More about Run & Play

About Dog Park Outfitters

At Dog Park Outfitters, we believe in a healthy active lifestyle for both dogs and dog owners. Off-leash play and exercise is an easy way to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

About our Dog Park Playground and Agility Equipment

Dog Park Outfitters is a Dog Park Products manufacturer, distributor and retailer of intelligently designed, handcrafted, sustainable and Made in the USA natural Dog Park Equipment and Dog Playground Equipment utilizing industry best materials to deliver the highest quality Dog Agility Equipment and Dog Exercise and Dog Playground Equipment on the market. Over the years we have designed and developed every piece of equipment and the supplies needed for dog parks, veterinary clinics, kennels, neighborhood parks, doggie daycare centers, animal sanctuaries, HOA’s, city parks, multi-family housing, zoo parks for many other issues. Dog Park Outfitters’ products cover a vast range of dog park equipment needs that include Dog Park Packages, Dog Pools and Splash Pads, Park Benches, Dog Water Fountains and Dispensers, Dog Run and Dog Park Fencing, Dog Park Signage, Dog and Pet Waste Stations, Fire Hydrants, Exercise Equipment, Shade Canopy structures,Dog Poop Trash Cans and much more. We use only top quality materials, coatings, and craftsmanship in the development of our products.  Our detailed product development allows our dog play equipment to hold up better and last much longer than other products on the market. And when you purchase our products that are designed and made right here in the USA, you are supporting our country’s workers and our nation. And we Thank You.

safety First

We value safety, and it’s at the top of our priority list. Each dog park is designed in accordance with our safety standards. 


Quality Products

Intelligently designed and hand crafted using the best materials and ingenuity to deliver the highest quality product on the market.

Natural Products

We use natural and sustainable products as much as possible and believe that trees offer the best shade resource.


Customized Plans

We understand how spatial requirements, environmental standards and market demands impact each dog park design.

Keep It Fun

We scientifically design our parks to encourage maximum exercise results for your dog at a healthy pace.