Spending time outdoors with your dog is a healthy and rewarding experience. This time can be great fun when you see how excited your dog is expending their youthful energy.

Instead of going to the gym after work, take your dog to the dog park and enjoy being outdoors. You will both enjoy the many health benefits of playing together. We promise to deliver only Quality dog park products approved by our team to help you and your pet live your best life!


We work with the most reputable delivery and installation services in order to ensure the best quality for our customers. We also work with a nationwide network of local installation service professionals.


We believe in the following dog park health & wellness elements and dog park equipment that is specifically designed to help make dogs and their owners healthier:

Agility Training

Vigorous Exercise


Cognitive Learning

Social Play

Bonding and Disciplined Fun

Cooling, Cleaning & Refreshment


We are constantly researching and sourcing new products and equipment that will improve every dog’s quality of life as well as enhance the bond with their owners. Our goal is to provide our customers and their dogs with the highest quality products in order to promote healthy lifestyles and vigorous exercise play.

Quick and Easy Application Process


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Dog Park Outfitters has an easy and quick application process for offering you financing on new equipment purchases. The application is short and simple and we offer competitive rates. This allows you to reserve your revenue for day to day operations, while spreading out your investment in dog park equipment over time. We offer payment plans for 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 month programs with 90 days no payment required (offers vary during season) to help you get acclimated to the new addition of play equipment. This allows your facility to provide high end dog park play and exercise equipment that dogs truly enjoy, and provides your dogs the opportunity for conditioning & exercise.

Durable Play Areas


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Our Dog Park Surfacing solution provides natural, safe and or durable play areas for dogs. Our DURADOG™ play surfaces, park and trail aggregate mixes and dog park turf surfacing provide a safe natural surface for dogs to play on. Our play products also come with the DURADOG™ play surface colored planks, which are backed-up by our industry leading DURADOG™ 50-year tough materials warranty.

Customizable Colors


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We offer a variety of color schemes to help you customize your dog park equipment to your facility’s color palette. We offer a variety of standard colors as well as custom color services. Our COLORPLAY™ colored product features and color selection services help you choose a color that best fits your brand’s color scheme. With our COLORPLAY™ services, we will help you select the perfect standard or customized color for your pet play equipment and accessories. Our COLORPLAY™ system is offered on our agility play products, such as our hill climbs, jump hurdles, balance beams, bridge climbs, training platforms, tunnel houses, benches and some accessories. 

Products Made in the United States


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We are comitted to providing products designed, manufactured, sourced and assembled in the United States. We also strive to be as earth friendly as possible and focus on using recycled materials. We have patented designs and features on our dog park equipment that are proprietary and exclusive. We ensure the highest quality materials are used in the assembly of our products to ensure you are getting the highest quality products that will perform and look great for years to come. Our products are specifically designed for dogs and the use of these products in the dog play environment. The products are safe for dogs and easy to for humans to install. Most of our products ship either fully assembled or 90-95% pre-assembled for ease of setup. In an effort to provide you the best local service, we collaborate with a team of nationwide local maintenance & service contractors.


We love dog parks because they bring people and pups together. We regularly receive requests from people asking for places where they can take their dog to play. Gyms For Dogs™ features pet-friendly businesses so that people looking for pet care can find resources in their area.  Fill out your information to be featured on our Friends and Heros page!