Agility Hill Climb


Dog Park Outfitters® – The Bridge Walk is made up of three non-slip planks supported by inground mounted posts. Dogs can walk or run up, across, and down the planks based on their individual level of balance and confidence. Mounts inground.

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The Hill Climb provides a challenge for all dogs to walk or run up an incline and descend the other side at their own pace and confidence level. Endurance and balancing capacity are also developed. Mounts inground.

In-Ground Mount

  • Item Number: DL-HCN-AG (Natural Beige/Green) In-Ground Mount
  • Item Number: DL-HCP-AG (Play Red/Blue) In-Ground Mount

Surface Mount

  • Item Number: DL-HCN-SM-AG (Natural Beige/Green) Surface Mount
  • Item Number: DL-HCP-SM-AG (Play Red/Blue) Surface Mount

Approximate Dimensions: 127.5″ L x 30″ W x 48.25″ H, 245 LBS

Materials: Slip Resistant, Urine Resistant

Mount Type: In-Ground Mount, Surface Mount

Recommended Base Layer: 2″ Organic Mulch – 3-4′ Radius

Warranty: 5 Year Limited Coated Elements – 1 Year Manufacturer Defects