Home Run Bridge Climb (S/M)

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Gyms For Dogs™ – Home Run (S/M)

Dogs can run up the incline and down the decline at their own pace and level of confidence. Incline and decline training helps build muscle in a dog’s legs and torso while developing balance and endurance. The solid platform on four posts is designed to be multi-functional to accommodate multiple dogs for optimal training. Shade tunnel underneath and training platform on top. Gyms For Dogs® .



Item Number: DL-BC2-RPW-10020HR

Approximate Dimensions: 11′ L x 52″ W x 24″ H – 270 lbs

Your backyard can be a space you and your dog can enjoy together with our Gyms For Dogs® Home Run™ Bridge Climb. Beautifully designed for dogs to tunnel through, run up and down the exercise ramps and a training platform for you to work with your dog. Dog’s love using the bridge climb as a resting platform to see across the yard and the tunnel through for shade from the summer heat.

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