The Dog Park Shade


The pergola serves as a delightful focal point, seamlessly merging relaxation and recreation in the heart of the dog park.


The Dog Park Shade is a charming addition to the dog park, the pergola stands as an inviting oasis for both furry friends and their owners. This open-air structure combines functional design with aesthetic appeal, offering a shaded respite from the sun’s rays. With sturdy aluminum pillars and a latticed roof, the pergola provides a touch of architectural elegance to the park’s landscape. Beneath its shelter, dogs can cool off after playtime, while their owner gathers to socialize and watch their pet enjoy the space. Available in 8×8 or 8×12 sizes and 11 vibrant colors.

Dogs, just like humans, may need a break from physical activity and The Dog Park Shade offers a designated rest area where dogs can take a break, relax, and recharge. This contributes to a healthier and safer play environment by preventing overexertion. It also serves as a versatile space for organizing events, workshops, or training sessions within the dog park. Whether it’s obedience classes, pet adoption events, or educational seminars, the pergola provides a focal point for such activities.

The Dog Park Shade adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the dog park. It can become a distinctive feature that adds character and charm to the space, making it more inviting for both dog owners and their pets.

Dimensions: 8′ L x8′ W x 8′ H or 8′ L x 12′ W x 8′ H

Weight: 225 lbs (8X8) or 305 lbs (8X12)

Construction: 6063 Alloy Aircraft Grade Aluminum .110 Main Frame and .080 Wall Aluminum in all other Locations

Wind Rating: 80 mph (If maintained and anchored properly)

Warranty: Limited 15 Year Frame Warranty


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