Three Dog Bench – Thermoplastic Coasted Steel

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Gyms For Dogs – Exclusive Gyms For Dogs 3 Dog Bench, Decorative Powder Coated, 6′ Companion Bench w Back, Surface Mount or Freestanding

A Gyms For Dogs exclusive design, the Three Dog Bench stands apart from the rest. The bench is made of steel with a thermoplastic-coated frame for superior durability and beauty. Our unique anti-sink feet make it perfect on to place on turf with no damage.


The Three Dog Bench – Thermoplastic Coasted Steel stands out as an exclusive and distinctive addition to canine play spaces. This bench embodies a harmonious blend of robust durability and aesthetic allure, making it a premier choice for dog parks and recreational areas. Crafted from resilient steel, this six-foot bench boasts a thermoplastic-coated frame, elevating its durability to new heights while enhancing its visual appeal. This coating not only fortifies the bench against the wear and tear of regular use but also adds a layer of sophistication, making it a stylish and enduring element in any dog-friendly environment.

A core feature of the Three Dog Bench is the incorporation of Gyms For Dogs’s exclusive anti-sink feet. These innovative feet not only contribute to the overall stability of the bench but also make it the ideal choice for placement on turf without causing any damage. This thoughtful design ensures that the bench seamlessly integrates into outdoor settings, allowing for versatile placement while preserving the integrity of the natural surfaces beneath.

The Three Dog Bench’s adaptability is further emphasized by the availability of both surface and portable mounts, providing flexibility in installation options. While the standard color exudes a sleek and timeless appeal, Gyms For Dogs® offers the option for custom colors, allowing customers to tailor the bench to harmonize with the specific aesthetics of their dog park or play area.

The Three Dog Bench – Thermoplastic Coasted Steel transcends the ordinary, emerging as a symbol of superior craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Its exclusivity, durability, and adaptability make it a standout choice, ensuring that dogs and their owners can enjoy a sophisticated and resilient addition to their recreational space.

Materials: Thermoplastic Coated Steel

Dimensions: 6’ Bench (72″ W x 24″ W x 34″ H)

Warranty: 1 Year free from defects in both workmanship and materials




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