Bridge Climb 29″ H Sport Incline

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Gyms For Dogs™ – Bridge Climb (L/X) 29″ H Sport Incline

Dogs can run up the incline and down the decline at their own pace and level of confidence. Incline and decline training helps build muscle in a dog’s legs and torso while developing balance and endurance. The solid platform on four posts is designed to be multi-functional to accommodate multiple dogs for optimal training. Shade tunnel underneath and training platform on top. Gyms For Dogs® .



The Bridge Climb 29″ H Sport Incline is a carefully crafted structure that combines fun and fitness, providing dogs of all sizes and fitness levels with a stimulating environment that encourages agility, exploration, and socialization. Engineered with the dog’s safety and enjoyment in mind, the Bridge Climb features a sturdy base, two inclines and a spacious platform in the middle. The combination of the inclines and platform offers a variety of play options. Whether your pup prefers climbing, exploring, or simply lounging on the platform, the Bridge Climb caters to all kinds of canine play styles. The area underneath provides a cool, shady area for dog to rest and relax while they survey the other dogs play in the park.

Incline and decline training helps build muscle in a dog’s legs and torso while developing balance, endurance and confidence. The versatile solid platform, supported by four posts, is designed to cater to multiple dogs simultaneously, ensuring optimal training opportunities. With a shade tunnel underneath and a training platform on top, the Bridge Climb 29″ H Sport Incline offers a comprehensive and adaptable environment for various canine activities.

Unique Gyms For Dogs™ exclusive product features.

  • Featuring Gyms For Dogs™ distinctive unique black frames
  • Gyms For Dogs™ proprietary free-standing large base feet ensure that the equipment sits solidly on the ground and stays in place
  • Unique Gyms For Dogs™ designs featuring unique angles and product dimensions to provide a safe and fun play environment for dogs
  • Designed solely to enhance a dogs health and exercise benefits when using the product

Approximate Dimensions: 12’ L x 52” W x 29” H, Sport Incline

Warranty: 1 year craftsmanship; 5 years hardware; 50 year warranty on play surface materials, warranted against rotting, insect manifestation, splitting or materials failure. Weathering, color fading or warping is considered normal to materials and is not considered covered under warranty.

Exclusive Proprietary Features



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Bridge Climb

Bridge Climb