Ellie’s Boulder Bridge – Pro

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A fun themed climber with varying degrees of climbing difficulties. The unique design allows for 360 degrees of climbing and realistic texture.


Introducing Ellie’s Boulder Bridge – Pro – a taller play structure that takes the concept of social and active play to new heights. This larger version of Ellie’s Boulder Bridge is designed to accommodate even more dogs, offering a grand and inclusive play experience within a luxurious setting. This taller version retains the natural-looking incline and decline features, creating a picturesque and engaging pathway for dogs to navigate. As they ascend the incline, the larger, natural-looking rocks provide a challenging yet inviting climb, leading them to a generously sized platform at the summit. Here, dogs can gather with other dogs for elevated interactions, whether it’s energetic play or simply enjoying the sunshine.

Similar to its predecessor, Ellie’s Boulder Bridge – Pro remains a fitness haven for dogs. The extended size allows for taller climbing area, fostering continuous movement that promotes cardiovascular health. Jumping on and off the larger platform becomes a dynamic exercise, contributing to muscular strengthening, endurance, and balance development.

This larger version of Ellie’s Boulder Bridge maintains the same natural aesthetics and fun design, making it a seamless fit for luxury settings. The thoughtfully crafted structure not only provides a haven for dogs to exercise and socialize but also adds an element of sophistication to the environment.

Ellie’s Boulder Bridge – Pro is not just a play structure; it’s a grand-scale canine haven, redefining the boundaries of social play, fitness, and natural beauty within upscale and luxury settings.

Also Available: Elle’s Boulder Bridge

Dimensions: 18′ L x 42″ W x 33″ H


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Ellie's Boulder Bridge