Rectangular Hip Shade


Create a relaxing spot where dogs can rest, socialize, or enjoy a water break while owners supervise or mingle with other park guests. All shades come with site-specific Engineering Drawings required for installation.


The Rectangular Hip Shade provides sun protection any outdoor park setting. This shaded structure is a transformative addition that not only addresses the essential need for sun protection but elevates the overall experience by providing a cool and comfortable haven for both dogs and their owners to seek refuge from the sweltering heat.

At the core of the Rectangular Hip Shade is a robust framework, meticulously designed to withstand the elements and provide a stable foundation for the shade structure. Complemented by a durable and sun-resistant canopy, this innovative design serves as a formidable barrier against the harmful effects of UV rays. This ensures not only a shield against the scorching sun but also contributes to the prevention of overheating, creating an environment that promotes the well-being of both dogs and dog owners.

The versatility alone is a standout feature, offering a dynamic solution for sun protection that extends beyond the conventional. With the capability to cover anything from entire playgrounds to picnic areas and more, this shade structure becomes a multifunctional asset to the park. It transforms open spaces into inviting retreats, encouraging prolonged enjoyment of the outdoors without the discomfort of excessive sun exposure.

The durable construction and adaptable design of these shades showcase a commitment to providing more than just shelter; they embody a holistic approach to enhancing the park experience. By seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics, these shades become integral elements in the landscape, creating inviting spaces where dogs can frolic and owners can relax in shaded comfort.

The Rectangular Hip Shade emerges as a testament to the evolving standards of outdoor spaces, underscoring the importance of thoughtful sun protection. They stand as an embodiment of innovation, fostering an environment where the joy of outdoor activities can be savored without the hindrance of the sun’s relentless heat.

All shades come with site-specific Engineering Drawings required for installation.


  • Shade: 14’ x 12’ x 8’
  • Weight: 275 lbs
  • Dome: 1
  • Columns: 4 O3.5” 11-Ga, Embedded
  • Rafter: o2.5” 12-Ga
  • Elbow: Standard
  • Surface or In-Ground Mount
  • Frames are rated for wind gusts up to 150 mph when fabric is removed
  • 20-Year Warranty on Framework
  • 10-Year Warranty on Fabric

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